Background of Operation Pico

Operation Pico is based on an old favourite of mine, Operation Wolf first released in 1987. I enjoyed playing it in my local arcades and on my ZX Spectrum 128k with the best of gameplay on my great Commodore Amiga 500.

In Operation Pico there are six stages and 3 levels of gameplay to sink your teeth into.


Use the cursor keys to navigate the menu. ( X start )

Select (Normal / Hard / Insane) for the game play intensity.

Select mouse or keyboard ( cursor keys ) to move the crosshair.

Left mouse button = Shoot 
Right Mouse button = Grenade


Z = Shoot
X = Grenade


The object of the game is to rescue as many hostages as you can without getting killed. Use all your ammunition you have to kill the soldiers, tanks, helicopters, birds and chickens but try to avoid the hostages. Sometimes you might get extra ammo, free bullets, grenades or TNT if you shoot a bird or chicken.

Behind the scenes

Operation Pico was made with Pico-8. I think it captures the Operation Wolf gameplay in somewhat of a small form factor. 

Have fun playing.



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